2 previous mc, advice please...

Hiya girls, as a few of you will know from previous posts ive had 2 miscarriages in the last 12 months. The thing i want to pick your brains at is..... On wednesday i went for an early scan because of mc's. I saw my babys heartbeat and it was amazing! But im still worried about miscarrying again, how likely is it now that the babys got a heartbeat that i could miscarry again? Or does it not make no differance that theres a heartbeat or not? I hope this makes sense! But as you can probably imagine im scared shitless!! Im not working at minute so got plenty of time to rest! Just want to know what you think

Thank you
Mikayla xxx


  • hi Mikayla,

    I'm in exactly the same boat so it'll be interested to see what anyone else thinks. My understanding is that once a heartbeat is identified the risk of m/c drops quite a bit. I guess it would depend on the reasons for the miscarriage. Many of them are of the 'missed m/c' variety (which happened to me) - it was only when I went for a scan that they discovered that the pregnancy had stopped developing several weeks earlier and there had probably never been a heartbeat.

    I hope that this time around things work out much better for us both! I had an early scan and it was a relief to see the heartbeat. I've been feeling really sick and stuff as well this time which is encouraging. When I had my early scan the m/w said there was no reason why the pregnancy shouldn't continue as normal.

    2 weeks for me now till scan at 13 weeks - cant wait till its out of the way!
  • Hiya hun, thanx for your reply. My miscarriages werent missed, i didnt have scans i just bled. Im only 8 weeks but in constant touch with my doctor and he said if i have the lightest pain to ring and he will refer me for another scan which is a relief knowing that. I dont know about you but it was absoloutly amazing to see babys heart beating!! I ended up in floods of tears! I just hope things go ok this time, im still so scared. Not seeing midwife till 10th december. Hope everything goes well for you chick! Mikayla xxx
  • Hi girls, I am also in exactly the same situation! I had my first m/c in Jan at 8 wks +4 and my second one in May at 9 wks+2. I am now 9 wks+4 and feel completely different this time! Pretty damn awful actually! which I think is a good sign.I went for a private dating scan on Wed as I'm not allowed one on nhs until wk 12 and everything was fine with a really strong heartbeat and the sonogropher was laughing as the baby was so active! It has made me feel better about things but I am really taking things easy and I am taking asprin prescribed by my gp as well to prevent clots in the placenta.
    The only advice I can give is just relax, don't stress and be very lazy and keep your feet up for a couple of weeks! And remember that every pregnancy is different, this has helped me anyway!
    Bit of a long one, sorry! Hope this helps! Good luck.

  • Hi girls. Just thought id give you some reassurance. I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in oct 06, I started bleeding and lost the baby. I had a 2nd mc at 8 weeks in early jan 07. I had funny pains in my stomach and got referred to the hospital. I ended up having a laparoscopy and a d+c as the baby's HCG level was rising minimally each 48 hours and so stood no chance, they thought it might have been ectopic.
    When I fell pregnant this time, i was so frightened. I had a scan at 6 weeks convinced that i would see a heartbeat. I didn't and was told that my dates must have been wrong (i knew they weren't as we had used ovulation sticks, id got a positive preg test early ect, and im sorry but we girlies can get a little obsessed with dates after a mc!). So i came home and cried my eyes out thinking i had lost another baby. We returned for a repeat scan a very long 10 days later (id spent these 10 days being very very sick not sure if it was morning sickness or nerves!) and there it was, our beautiful babies heartbeat. I will never forget that moment. Ive got tears in my eyes thinking about it now. I just knew something was different this time.
    At 9 weeks we paid for a private scan, worth every penny. Our baby was even moving about! It was wonderful. The 12 week scan was even better, and when i started feeling the baby moving at around 15 weeks i started to relax a little more. I bought a fetal doppler and started using it at about 10 weeks. It was the best investment i ever made. I used it about once a day until about week 15, baby has been very active since then so haven't needed it, but it was so reassuring.
    Im sat here now, as big as a house waiting for my baby to arrive. He or she is due xmas eve. I feel totally blessed but worry everyday about something or other. Until i have my precious bundle healthy in my arms i will never settle. And im told that that is when the real worrying starts!
    Im cautious about pregnancies in the future too as i know that it could always happen again. This pregnancy has been rough. I had a bleed at 6 weeks and have spent the whole time being very very very sick from start to finish, but my god i know it will be worth every second. Im a stronger person for the angels my husband and i lost and it will make us better mummies and daddies!
    Anyway, long story short! Yes i believed that once you had seen that heartbeat the chances or a good pregnancy were much stronger.
    I wish you all the very very very best of luck. Keep strong, dont give up.
    Love and best wishes xxx
  • Hiya sarah, what a lovely story and i feel abit better after reading it so thank you very much. I know what you mean about thinking things will be differant this time as this time i feel totally differant, I didnt have any morning sickness with the last 2 pregnancys and this time im so sick its unreal! But i dont want to get my hopes up too much although my doctor ahs said that if anytime i feel worried and want another scan he will refer me to the epau so that makes me feel abit better too. I just so hope things are differant this time. Ive never seen anything more amazing than when i saw my babys heartbeat, im still on cloud9! Thank you for sharing your story with me. Mikayla xx
  • hi sarah, thanks for sharing your story! did you find the fetal doppler easy to use? i'm now 11 weeks and wont get my proper first scan till week 13 (although i had an early scan at 8 weeks) and it's driving me batty waiting till 13 week scan. i'm feeling quite confident that everything is ok - apart from anything else i've been feeling sick since week 5 with sore boobs etc but i'd love some reassurance. Was worried if i got a doppler i might get obsessed or find it really hard to use!
  • I found the dopler easy to use. I think i used to use it in the morning and then some times in the evening. Some days i didnt use it at all. I would certainly recommend them. Mine was about ??30 for an angel sounds one from ebay. x
  • Apparently I read in my pregnancy book that alot of mc happen when no feotus has formed therefore there is no heartbeat. So if you have a heartbeat you are less likely to mc
  • Hi Girlies

    Firstly, although very difficult please try not to think negative.
    I had a complete m/c in Jan07, then fell again in May and had early scan which showed a heartbeat (although for reference I couldnt see it), had another scan at 9 wks and there was nothing, so had d&c. Fell again in July and had early scan which showed heartbeat (which I could see), had dating scan and it showed two healthy babies with heartbeats!! I am now 21+5 wks pregnant with identical girls.
    I am still on tender hooks, however feeling slightly better now that I can feel them moving about.

    Good luck and try not to worry
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