cramping in lower stomach at 5 weeks?

hi girls, im new here, just wanted to ask u guys your advice... im 5 weeks pregnant and find that i feel like i have pulled a muscle in the right hand side of my stomach???? its really wierd feeling, is it normal or do i need worry? :\?

also i have been getting waves of nausea only on a morning no other time of day, but it has gone off a bit now.. i dont actually feel any different really. should i at this stage??? im scared to death cos its my first baby i feel so protective! image

Midwife wont see me for another 6 weeks yet so im feeling really scared at every little thing :cry:


  • Welcome to the forum - aw bless you, it's such a scary time!
    Obviously none of us are medically trained but this is my experience - I had period type pains up til about 10/12 weeks, and then once I was further along I got a stitch type pain in right hand side. My MW told me the two ligaments that hold up the uterus usually have an easy job as it's like holding up a plum, bu then everything strecthes and this can cause the pains.

    I'd say it's really hard to define if you really FEEL "pregnant" in the early stages, but as time goes on you will, esp once you have a scan and start getting a bump. It's very easy to say not to worry, but do try not to hon, it's not good for you to feel stressed (but we all do, lol)
    Ames x
  • Hi hun - firstly try not to worry! This is perfectly normal! I had this really bad at the beginning until about 8/9 weeks and couldn't really lift anything as it felt like it was pulling too much! Then it eased off gradually, and has come back on and off ever since!

    The only symptoms I had the first 12 weeks were this and tiredness! No sickness or anything else! It is fine not to have any symptoms - and also you cannot guarantee what symptoms are normal as every pg is different!!

    Good luck image

    Tara 32+3
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