Oh my god have you seen the news, about hospitals turning women in labour away because theres not enough room!! Thats just disgusting, especially if they turn first time mums away at least mum swho already have kids know what is going on.
When i was in labour with my son, i got a mw who basically told me that she didnt really know what she was doing as she had qualified 10 years before and had worked on the baby ward since. She said she would check how far dilated i was but added that she was unsure if she was right.
It ended up that she was wrong (she said i was 2 cm, when i was actually 5cm) then she had to keep leaving me because she had 2 other women to look after. She was a lovely women, who was obviously very over worked and she did try her best but theres only so much you can do. My hospital is one of the top maternity hospitals in the contry as well so makes you wonder what the others are like.

Its definately scary


  • I'm afraid that this is nothing new. When I had Millie my delivery suite had to close while I was there as they were full. They were having to arrange ambulances to take people to other local hospitals. The midwifes were obviously really stretched and doing their best in very difficult circumstances but apparantly it happens quite often. Maternity care in this country really is bloody appaling at the minute!
  • OMG! do you even have a choice about where you are sent to?
  • It is a bit scary.
    My local maternity unit closed down not long after I had my son so now I have a half hour drive to east surrey hospital.
    Not one of the best places by all accounts. The other places close would be Haywards heath which is always closing because of not enough midwives or brighton (40 mins away)
    Home birth is looking better each day.
  • Don't think so hun, but I'm not sure I would have cared anyway!
  • Happens all the time my best friend finally gave birth yesterday (2weeks late) she was booked in to be induced on Tuesday and when she got there at 7.30am they had to make her wait till yesterday cos they they had no room, by the time she had him he was in distress and had a really low heart rate! under funding I guess.
  • yep, i heard this on the news this morning!! Not very reassuring at all!! Its a very sad situation, but only the government can do something about it.....best i don't get started on that sort of thing!!!!
    Sarah xx
  • TBH i just tend not to think about these stories as i think expectant mums have enough to worry about without the scaremongering that the news programmes love to do. I know its awful but i always try to remember that it could be worse (ie some countries have no medical care at all). Even if they had more midwives, equipment etc im sure there would still be times when they had to turn people away - granted it would be less often. I just think i would rather be sent to another hospital to have my baby than them try and squeeze me in when they are full.
  • OMG!!!!

    And the hospital I'm at are so crap that making an appointment is useless. I know that the ward was hardly full when we walked through there. There were so many empty rooms. But I was surprised to find that there were so little delivery rooms



  • Thats awful to hear. I know I have saw a rapid decline in the quality of antenatal care in the 2 years beween my 2 though thankfully I couldnt have asked for better during the labour & birth. Our local maternity units are stretched to almost breaking point as it is & I think things will get worse where we are as one of the maternity units in the are will be closing in the next 2 years therefore putting more pressure on the others that are already overstretched. It doesnt make sense to me.

    Good luck to all you ladies & hope you all have good experiences

    Hilary x
  • Yet another reason for a homebirth!
  • No offence to anyone on here but I am really pleased that we live in Scotland as the maternity care from appointments / scans to the hospital seems to be so much better than in England.
    Tammi xxx
  • This has been going on for years!

    I had Ollie by elective c/section 6 1/2 yrs ago! I was meant to go down in the morning (having starved etc) but was kept waiting til the afternoon (still on nil by mouth). Then after I had had him there was no room on the ward so they started "making me a little ward" on delivery suite! My dad and best mate actually visited me on delivery suite but then about 4ish I was taken down to the ward because a bed had become free!

    Whilst in hospital there were cases of mothers being turned away because the nearest local hospital had had their maternity ward shut down (or it was on the verge of closing).

    I thought "things were meant to get better?"
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