Update after i've been MIA for a while

Well the last time i was on here i asked your advice on the depression i was feeling, well i took your advice and saw my gp who signed me off for two weeks which was a relief but now i have our HR dept travelling down from preston to visit me at home on monday so i'm a bit worried that they'll use this as a reason to make me redundant next year. Anyway on a more positive note i think i've been feeling bean move i keep getting a funny feeling almost like a muscle twitching in my tummy and i'm sure i've felt a positive kick! Particularly on my bladder!! Dunno if it is bean moving but i hope it is. Anyway till i get back to work i don't have a computer (have nicked hubby's phone for this post) and boy have i been getting withdrawl symptoms!! Still having problems with my little sister who has told my mum, and i quote, that she is terrified to see me as she doesn't want to see me pregnant nor can she bare to have any contact with bean once born! Mum keeps saying she has issues but i can't


  • My first baby movements felt like an involuntary muscle twitch, MrsWeir! - and I also kept getting sudden twinges in my bladder which now that I'm much further on in my pregnancy I can confirm were the baby. How exciting for you!

    I have suffered with anxiety in the past and I know what it feels like to have a black cloud hanging over you. I do hope things look up soon and that you are being well looked after. If your little sister can't "bear to see you" then sod her - DON''T see her. You need supportive people around you right now.

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