Can I eat crunchy nut?

Really felt like having some...but didn't know if I was allowed?


  • Ooh, its got peanuts in so they reckon that if you have ANY allergies (ie hayfever, dust allergies etc) and not just nut allergies then you should avoid eating peanuts during your pregnancy, as there is a risk that the baby will develop a peanut allergy even if you don't have one yourself.

    Of course if you don't suffer with any allergies then it is fine to eat, hope this helps,

    Caroline xxx
  • i ate them through both my pregnancies and also ate nuts too and i have asthma but if you have a nut allergy be wary if not it should be ok i would imagine. xx
  • I have been eating all types of nuts throughout this pregnancy and my previous one and my daughter who is now 7 is fine and im sure that this one will be too!
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