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Afternoon folks! How are you & your bumps doing today? Just a quick (and I suspect stupid) question. How many nappies and what size should I stock up on before baby is born? Im not due till 3 March, so am tinking of stocking up just after christmas. Its my first baby and I dont really know anyone else who is pregnant or has kids to ask. Also, I will be using disposables (just waiting for the environment ppl to come get me lol) and am
unsure of the best ones to buy.
Thanks guys


  • Hi ladies,

    Excuse me gate crashing the pregnancy topics, but I was just browsing. I had my baby mid October so here's what I found.

    You will go through about 10 + nappies a day to start with (thats 24 hours) so will go through a 56 pack quickly. I started to use the size 2 nappies when my little one was about 8 1/2 lb.

    With regard to the toiletries, I too was seduced by the idea of having lots of nice smellie stuff ready for my new baby, but the midwives and health professionals actually now recommend that you don't use any baby bath/products for the first few months at least. They believe that water is enough in the early weeks - and can help guard against excezma. Also if you want to use oil they say that Olive Oil is the nearest thing to skin oil - so I massage my little one with that after a bath.

    Obviously do what you want - I still bought all the smellies, before I heard the advice, my little one is 8 weeks old now and I have bottles of bath stuff everywhere! Also the don't recommend using talc at all now!

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi
    If you're worried about the env and using disps, you can get Nature Babycare eco-friendly disps. They're about the same price as the main brands but not on offer so often! However, if you get them from Boots (larger stores or .com) you can get points - yay! Sainsburys also has them.
    I'd def stock up on cotton wool but agree that smelly toiletries aren't really much use to start with. I found tesco or boots c wool best. Mcare c wool used to break up too much. I used the balls first and then went on to pleats when LO a bit older.
    HTH Juliette
  • hiya, I'm crashing too!

    my lo was born 9lb 2 and dint lose any weight after and he still was in pampers size one nappies for a good couple of weeks.

    we go through about 56 in a week at first but now we use about 56 in a fortnight (lo is now 6 1/2 months)

    only chabge nappy sizes if they look too small for your lo. mine is now 'theoretically' in size 5 weight wise, but actually size 4 are still good enough with plenty of room in them.

  • I have no idea how many to stock up on but so far have got three packs each of size 1,2 and 3. (huggies and pampers and a few free ones) My sister second baby was 8lb 13oz and never wore size one nappies they just didn't fit. so i decided not to buy any more for the minute (thought i would wait and see how big lo is first.
  • hi i am also gatecrashing! my lo is 6 weeks old and weighed 7lb 9oz at birth, she was 8lb 11lb 10 days ago and is still wearing size 1 nappies. i did not like huggies as found they leaked, pampers good but expensive, now using tesco newborns and they are equally as good as pampers but much much cheaper
  • Hi all, i'm due in 4 wks and have stocked up in pampers, 4 packs of each 1,2,3 sizes and 6 packs of pampers sensitive wipes but going to keep buying size 2,3 nappies (incase he/she is bigger than expected)and more wipes up till lo is here , i've also stocked up in baby toiletries, if you look about you'll get great deals in the supermarkets and boots so thats why we stocked up just now.
  • I'll gatecrash too!! I bought lots of Pampers size 1 and they were fine until Poppy was about 5 weeks (and nearly 11lbs). I had read a post on here ages ago about Tesco nappies (not the mega cheap ones) being just as good as Pampers & Huggies so I tried them and they're great! I've only had 1 leaking incident and to be fair she had the runs. They are considerably cheaper than both of the major brands and when your lo arrives you'll find plenty of better things to spend your money on!! I also wouldn't bother with those nappy wrapping bins - the refill cartridges are expensive and I used mine for couple of weeks until the novelty wore off!
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