Head Ache - Its killing me

I have had this head ache for the last three days and it's driving me mad. I feel sick all the time because of this head ache. How can I make it go away.

K xx


  • when i had spd the doctor gave me co-codamol so you could go to the docs and get them perscribed to you,have you tried that 4head stick,ppl have said thats really good
    hope it goes soon

  • Yeah i have tried that stick and it has not really helped. Think i am off to bed as at least if i am asleep i wont feel like somebody has hit me over the head with a brick.

    K xx
  • Hi hun, not really sure what to suggest, have you tried taking paracetmol? I always fine that drinking lots of water and being in a dark room helps.. ALso if you wear glasses make sure you keep em on, straining your eyes might make it worse

    xxxx hugs
  • I have been getting really bad headaches for the last 2/3 weeks, I asked the midwife if I could take co-codamol and she said it was fine too, it doesnt take the soreness away but I dont feel as bad. Paracetmol was doing nothing for them at all.

    Hope your feeling better after your sleep.

    AnneMarie xx
  • hi ya i constantly get headaches and the doc gave me codydramol and they work brill its just all the homones that causes it the midwife wreckons xxxx
  • I was told plenty of water hun! I had headaches really bad up until 14 weeks but they got better when I drank more water xx
  • Hi, i know it's really not much consolation to you at the moment, but these headaches are probably due to your hormones... i rememv=ber i had them in both my pregnancys until about 22 weeks-ish (as if all day long sickness isnt enough to contend with?) Try and eat little and often, as, if your blood sugar drops it can make your headaches worse, i know thats easier said than done when you feel sick but it really helped me. Also as snowangel said try and drink planty of water, apart from that there isnt much else you can do. It's just another pregnancy side effect.... but it WILL get better.
    Hope you start to feel better soon. x
  • Hi,
    I had headaches in both my pregnancies for the first three months (I am prone to migraines anyway). I used cool and soothe head patches, tiger balm and paracetomol. Paracetomol didn't work as headaches were too strong so just used natural stuff and slept a lot!! Cool and soothe pathces don't take the pain away but are quite comforting.
    Good luck dani 32 weeks
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