Pinapple Juice

Hi Girls, is it safe to drink pinapple juice in early pregnancy?

Just read another post saying that it helps bring on early labour?


  • it is absolutely fine to drink and eat pineapple/juice when pregnant. in the later stages of pregnancy pineapple CAN be effective to help induce labour but only if ur right on the brink anyway and it has to be a lot (at least 2 a day) of fresh pineapple not juices.

    so go ahead and enjoy.

  • oh good - i wondered this - I LOVE pineapple. going to carry on drinking and eating it (though not masses of it) then x
  • Thanks Siany.. i drank half a carton and then thought crap should i have done that!!!

  • I have heard don't drink or eat fresh pineapple- preprepared tinned stuff is fine because the enzyme that brings on early labour is removed. I ate a whole tin before Christmas then I panicked and looked it up!

    10+5 x
  • eeek oh now i just dont know lol!! i think im just going to give it a miss completly!!

  • your welcome

    it is only fresh pineapple, cos as u say that tinning changes it, so does juicing. and even with fresh pineapple it has to be ALOT of it over a prolonged period of time. obviously tho if u feel more comfortable avoiding it then do what u feel is best for u. the way in which pineapple can sometimes induce labour is if u have so much of it that it iritates ur bowells and gives u a dodgy tummy (bit like the infamous curry) thus disturbing ur womb and perhaps tipping ur hormones just over the edge to start the labour process, but even then u wld have to be on the brink anyway. also this can be said really for any fruit, if u ate a whole bag of satsumas everyday for a week then that wld give u a poorly tum and cld do the same thing.

  • bumping for
  • Wicked thanks for this I have some now and was just wondering, cheer hun

    K xx
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