cant believe she would say that!

hi all

a friend came in to work to see me the other day and was asking how the bump was going, anyway she knows im "terrified" of the labour and continued to tell me about someone she knows who had to have 48 stitches inside and out and broke her pelvic bone !!!!!!!!

collegues in work could not believe how insensitive she could be and said i was just a whiter shade of pale image

are some people just stupid? image



  • i wonder y ppl have to be so blunt about things!!, fair enuff we all know its gunna hurt, but cant they just sugar coat it a little lol, im not suprised u went pale, im just by reading it!! xx
  • omigod!!!! why are people so evil.... everyone i know wants to share a horror story etc.... before 12 weeks its was a nightamre because i was so nervous anyway and people's 'helpful' stories just made things worse.... now i try and stop people but it drives me bonkers!
  • Yup stupid! You should see the thread 'what not to say to a mum with a bump' or something very similar (can't remember exactly what it was called, but prob on the 2nd page now) this was full of lovely insensitive remarks from people - welcome to the club!
  • not the best of things to say to somebody who's afraid of labour, but just to ease your worries, i was cut and had about 30 stitches, and it really really wasnt bad, i'd do it all again in an instant image please don't be afraid xx
  • oh for goodness sakes, some people are really insensitive.

    Just think though, i bet that mummy is fine now and is enjoying having her baby!

    Im sick of people saying wow you're massive.......I just want to say wow you're ugly and see what they do then!!!!!!
  • hi, yes I heard loads and loads of horror stories when first pg with my son - people love telling you for some reason! weird - however, every birth is different - my first was fairly long but 2nd was only 2 1/2 and no stitches etc. so don't worry, chelle x
  • Don't worry about it. People love sharing horror stories with you. Everyone is different and yours could go so smoothly. I was really worried about my labour and it was no bother except that my daughter came as a shock 5 1/2 weeks early so I didn't have much time to think about Labour until it was over.

    Good Luck
  • I was scared witless of labour but kept my fears to myself cos I knew it was the only way the baby was going to come out! I'd built it up in my head to be something so terrifyingly awful that I was almost pleasantly surprised when the event actually happened, LOL. Yes, I tore but I'd still do it again in a heartbeat. You may surprise yourself with just how strong you can be.

    If you're worried about tearing then you can try pereneal massage once you're over 34 weeks xx
  • Yeah, everyone seems to have horror stories to tell, my sister has had two not so great labours-but she's said she'd do it again, she soon forgot about the pain and was laughing about it the day after.
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