Anyone having their baby in London?

... If so, which hospital? Anyone going to UCH??


  • UCH is the plan... when're you due? I'm in August xx
  • Where is UCH. I'm giving birth at queen charlotte
  • Whittington - but a friend who is pregnant is going to the UCH x
  • I'm booked in for St. George's - I'm due in two weeks - went to the birthing suite last night and was unimpressed. The rooms were so dark and tiny (not expecting a double with all the trimmings but was just so shocked with size) Also the wards were SO hot... I know they need to be warm for the babies but it really was stifling. I also didn't expect so many people on the tour. There were about 15 women and all looked due any time soon... There are only 10 beds at any one time on the ward... Scary thought that I might be transfered. I know I'm sounding completely critical, maybe the reality of what I'm about to face has become a bit real.. :S
  • hiya im due in july and going Royal London (whitechapel), as it so close.
  • I'm due in August too and i'm booked for St Thomas' (am slightly nearer Kings but used to wokr there so know I don't want to have my baby there!)

    hoping for home birth though!

    its nice to know there are other people in London... beginning to feel a bit like its just me having a baby in the city!
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