How to tell my mum!!

probably the most asked question but how did you break the news to your mum!! i'm absolutely crapping myself,,,was planning to do it tonight after i have been dancing with her, and when i get out of her car say, "oh by the way i'm pregnant, see you later" any advice!!! thanks ladies


  • When I found out I text my mum straight away saying I had something to tell her did she want to know now or later, she text bk straight away saying tell me now..are you pregnant? I text bk saying yes! and she rang me straight away delighted!

    I think its upto you how you tell your mum everyone is different. Good luck!
  • I was a huge chicken telling my mum and dad. I told them seperately my mum first she came to see me at the office i work at (im alone in there) and we was talking i wasnt saying much coz i was all nervous! then as she was walking out the door i said bye um love you oh and your going to be a grandma! lol she walked back in and said what??!?! i Knew it haha lol! xx
  • I have never EVER told my Dad i'm pregnant, and i'm on my third baby! And i've always told my mum over the phone so she cant see me blushing lol. Its strange isnt it, we know they are going to be delighted, but still find it hard to tell them! Its basically admitting that we've had SEX! xxx
  • I've told her!!! image

    We came back from dancing and were sat outside my house and just said mum, i've got something to tell you... and she said your pregnant! she was shocked! but i think she is going to be ok!! fingers crossed, and she did say she did want to be a Granny again!! (my sister has a 6 year old!)
    Hope it sinks in soon!!
  • Bless, at least you told her!!! I was nervous telling my mum too and in the end just said ive got something to show you and showed her the scan picture!!!x
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