Hi girls

Well I have just returned from a 14night break in Egypt and thought if anyone is thinking of going away I can give maybe a couple of tips for you.....
I am 20weeks PG now so was 18wks when I left for my hols.

On the plane I wore flight socks and drank lots of water. I made sure that I kept my feet doing exercises and got up to walk around a few times. The flight was 5 hours so a decent amount of time.

It was 40 degrees in the daytime so I made sure that I always had bottled water with me and drank loads even though it meant going to the loo more, lol! I stayed in the shade for the 1st week as I think my pregnancy hormones made me burn even though I had factor 40 on! I never usually burn but by the 2nd week I could sit out in the sun but I always kept factor 40 on my bump!

I ate sensibly avoiding salads, ice cubes, local ice cream and anything that had been washed under the taps as out there you should never touch the tap water but if your going to USA you should be ok. I ate peeled fruit and took some mixed fruit and nuts + cereal bars in my case for snacking on.

I did get a bout of delhi belly and I was so careful not to but for 2 days I had stomach cramps and was on the toilet constantly. The only thing I could take were the Boots own rehydration sachets for treatment of acute diarreoh (spelt wrong!) and this seemed to sort it out. I knew baby was fine as she was still kicking me every day!

All in all it was a nice relaxing break and the last chance me and OH will get to holiday on our own for a long time so if anyone is thinking of booking a trip abroad I would say do it and dont worry just enjoy the relaxation.


  • Thanks for the tips guineapig, fab advise, especially as hubby and I are looking to holiday at the end of this month when I will be 18 weeks! Perfect! I must remember to take some electrolyte sachets with us.

    Thanks again

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