what do braxton hicks feel like?

I had two really sharp pains in my belly whilst i was vacumming early about 5 minutes apart each lasting literally a few seconds then they were gone again. I have lots of pain in my left hip today too.

I don't know what they are supposed to feel like as this is my first pregnancy.


  • hi there,
    they're probably different for everyone but mine are more uncomfortable than painful. My whole bump goes really hard, and it kind of spreads across - almost feels as if the baby is pushing his back against it if you see what i mean. usually last less than a minute.
    hope that helps! how far along are you? could just be baby pressing on things?!
  • I've been wondering this. Sometimes my belly goes really tight & hard and I wonder if that's it? It's usually if I've been walking the dogs for ages, feels a bit like a stitch! x
  • 31 weeks on wednesday. I was walking round town today and i got what felt like stich too. But i was rushing.
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