Still no real symptoms!

Hi ladies

i am 8 + 5 and still not got any real symptoms. i was really really sick last week for 2 and half days but since then nothing. i do feel a bit tired but think i should feel more 'pregnant'.

what symptoms did everyone else have at this stage?


  • Seriously hun, try to stop panicking.
    I hardly had any symptoms whatsoever and although I too worried at the time, I am now so so grateful!
    I had sore boobs for about a week. I had just one day where I was really tired and I mean just one day (went to bed at 4pm which is very unlike me!) and all that was before 10 weeks. Then I had nothing more. I worried until my 12 week scan, then was relaxed for a bit cos I'd seen he but still had no morning sickness or ANYTHING so worried agaain until my 20 week scan!
    I am now 31 weeks and still feel normal! Even when she kicks I still can't get it into my head that there is a baby in there!

    Try and relax and enjoy! U really are one of the lucky ones so far!
    31+3. xx
  • Hi i just got sore boobs and i suffered heartburn on one occasion (thats how i knew i was pg). Other than that, i had no real symptoms for the first trimester.
    If you have tested postive then i should not worry and be pleased that you are getting a troublefree pregnancy so far

    Good luck

  • hi i'm 25+1 and still waiting for a symptom lol xx
  • Hi wannabemummy,
    Im at the same stage as you 8+5 and i think its one of those issues where if you have symptoms you wish you didnt and if you dont you wish for them.
    I have been suffering from the worst sickness for the last week. I feel sick all the time and will randomly throw up at anytime of the day. I sleep constantly, am constipated, had the worst heartburn last saturday that i nearly cried i was in so much pain and have the most sore boobs they feel like there going to explode.
    I hate feeling like this and have had to have time off work.
    I would love to have no symptoms. I think your so lucky if you get away without having symptoms.
    Enjoy it, because believe me there is nothing enjoyable about how i feel thats for sure.xxxx
  • Hi at the same stage as you I had terrible morning sickness that lasted all day, incredibly sore boobs and had gone off nearly all food except cereal. But some people just dont have any symptoms, when I was pregnant with my daughter I didnt really have anything, a teeny bit of nausea but felt great other than that. But I did constantly worry because I felt so good and had no symptoms, its easier to have the morning sickness because at least you "feel" pregnant. But its still early days yet hun. Up until about I was 6 weeks with this one I was just really bloated and lethargic.
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