crusty lookin nipple(sorry tmi)

noticed today one of my nipples looks a bit crusty? i stopped bf oliver about 3m ago and am currently 17.5wk preggers, looks a bit like it cld be dried up milk or somthing though i havnt noticed any leaks, tried soaking boob with hot flannel without much luck, its not painful or itchy in anyway just looks a bit horrible really, has anyone else had this? could it be leaky boob or is that it, im gonna have rank lookin nips forever,lol. xx


  • my sister in law was only saying the same thing to me this afternoon about her nipples lol (shes pregnant to 4weeks futher then me)she had a antinatal today and she asked her midwife what it could be and midwife said shes prob leaking a bit of milk,sister in law has it most mornings when shes woke up its there lol.

  • I had crusty nipples from 9 weeks and have been leaking a little from 16. It's all perfectly normal!
  • thanx ladies, never had it happen before so guess im experiencing a new pregnancy joy!lol xx
  • My nipples are also crumpsy and looks very dry. Don't know why?
  • I'm 12weeks+ I day today but I noticed how rough my nipples were since I was 11weeks. Don't seems to enjoy it though
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