threatened miscarriage

this was mentioned today at doctors after a little bit of blood and bad cramps - i have refused a scan and just asked for blood tests as i dont want a repeat of last time.

Question - has anyone been told this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

THanks ladies x x


  • hi hun i was so sad to hear about your mc last pregnancy i know hard but try to stay as positive as you can iv been through simila to you 4 mc in past so when i got pregnant this time and started to bleed i thought it was all over alot people did but my partner inforced positivity apon me lol i bled all way up to 8half weeks im now 22plus 2days and couldn be happier i did hAve lots scans to keep an eye on everything but do understand your reasons to refuse one fingers crossed for u also hun i had hardly any pregnancy symptoms in fact i prayed to god to have morning sickness wish i haden ended up with hyperemisis severe sickness which as calmed down now.good luck and dont write it off yet hun hold in there xxxxxx
  • Hi,

    I had a heavy bleed with my little boy, which they said was a threatened miscarriage. However I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and he has just turned two. I also had a couple of bleeds with my little girl, again they thought it was a threatened miscarriage due to my previous history of miscarriages. They gave me a few early scans, where they could see/monitor the site of the bleed, etc. She arrived four weeks ago, a healthy 7lb.1oz .
    So there is hope, please don't give up yet. One thing I would say though is to try and rest as much as you can and if you have been doing too much slow down. I def think it helped slowing down, as I hadn't realsied quite how much I was doing until I stopped and thought about it. Hope it all works out for you.

    Jules x
  • hi, sorry i have no experience of this but i just wanted to say i hope everything goes well and to take care image xxx
  • I'm so sorry you are going through another scare like this. I think any time you have bleeding in early pregnancy they treat it as a threatened miscarriage.

    Plenty of women still go on to term though and I am really hoping that this time is yours.

    I had a small bleed at 6+5 and am now 31+5 with no further problems.

    Everything crossed for you xx
  • hi hun,

    sorry you're going through this.
    ive had a number of heavy bleeds in this pregnancy and twice docs have written on my sick note threatened mc - which really upset me.
    I'm now 17+5 and fingers crossed all ok.
    As hard as it is try and stay positive - i will be thinking of you.
  • i summer76, i have got no advice for u ,sorry . but i have my fingers crossed for u ,i really hope everything is ok . life can b such a bitch sometimes.
    thinking of u
    luv clare
  • Hi Hun, Ive had a threatened M/C two weeks ago at 13 weeks, clotty blood cramps, i have and opened cervix too, so far so good im 15 weeks tomoro and baby still going strong i hope! Lots of women go through and have healthy babies, stay calm and positive, and get ur OH to do Everything! You have every right to rest until the day baby is born with a nice healthy pair of lungs to scream and let u know they are fine image xx
  • Hey sweetie

    I have everything crossed for you that all is ok this time. I've never had threatened MC on my notes even thought I've bled heavily 3 times in this pregnancy and have history of mc. Am hoping all continues to go smoothly for you and am thinking about you, take care and keep us posted. xxx
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