just for fun!

Hi guys, i just remembered a fun thing we all done when on the pregnanct forum, you say how far on you are and then measure all the way around your back and bump with toilet roll so everyone can compare! LOL
For example, [im not pregnant!] i am 34 weeks and it takes 9 1/2 pieces of loo roll to go the whole way around. Do you get it? Loads of ladies done it before for a laugh, just thought id pass it on. xxxxx :lol:


  • what a great idea !!! LOL

    Well, just measured it from my back to the fullest part of my bump and I'm 28wks+1 and it took 9 sheets.

    Can't wait to see others.

    e.d.d 4th July
  • We've done this a couple of times on the due in April board.

    Last time I measured I was 9 and 1/2 sheets at 35 weeks. I'm probably more now though! Will check later! xxx


  • Shouldn't we be specifying the brand too?:lol:

    28 weeks
    9 squares

  • hehehe this is quite funny, great idea
    im 23w (24tomorrow) and used just under 7 squares, they over laped a little, my oh thinks im strange image


  • 20 w + 2d - 7 squares :P:P:P

    hhahahah funny little test :P
  • I'm 29+4 and it took exactly 8 squares, I'm quite glad Millie is asleep and oh is at work lol
  • I really want to have a go at this but sitting in the armchair with laptop I just cannot bring myself to get up and then have to get comfy again. I think I'm stuck!!lol
  • Hi girls, Im 28+4 and took 10 and a little bit pieces, doing this has actually made me think that im quite average and not the whale that everyone is making me out to be, lol. It will be interesting to see wat i am at 38+4 (prob a whole roll) Kerry xxx

  • Managed to get out the armchair at last. I'm 37+3 and took 9 sheets exactly. Feel better now as people keep telling me I'm huge but I seem quite average comparing with everyone else.
  • LOL, I can see all these pregnant women running to the toilet and wrapping loo roll around themselves! LOL
    Its good fun though. xxxx
  • I'm 29 weeks 2muro and got 7 and a half squares!! x x x
  • I am 26+2 weeks and I measured a tiny bit off 11 sheets, bump is all out front so think thats why, maybe I should do the same thing around my bum as I am sure that is growing at the same rate as bump!!

  • Well now I feel fat hehe. I am 13+6 and it took exactly 8 squares. Was only a size 10 before pg too, must be eating too much ice cream lol xxx


  • Wow, measured it again this morning and at 38 weeks exactly I'm only 9 and 1/2 squares. And I'm supposedly having a 8lb baby! xxx


  • Awww man I am at work and they only have the toilet paper that pulls off in sheets so can't join in with this boooooooo!!
  • sellotape.......... lol


  • lol,just done it!im 34 weeks n measured 8 1/2 sheets,dnt feel that big now!!hehe hanna x
  • I'm 17 + 1 and seven sheets!

  • Ooo... i went into the Loo cringing that I was going to me MASSIVE.. but 9 and a half sheets and i'm 25 weeks and 2 days... so not that bad! lol next time someone tells me i'm huge i'll be like no i'm not acctually i'm 9 and a half sheets of loo roll! they will give me a strange look i'm sure but it will throw them off insulting me! lol x
  • 24 weeks and 8 sheets of standard-issue work loo roll - funny!
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