hi ladies

i'm new to all this so you'll have to excuse me if the question has been asked before. I'm 5+1 and had some bleeding this morning, there was no clots and its gone now. Had the same last week (day after I found out) went to a&e and epu and everything was fine, although they said I could also have a collapsed cyst or an eptopic as well as our little bean.
Could i just be one of those people who bleed alot ? My mum bled alot through all 3 of her pregnancies.. am booked in for a 6 week scan next week aswell.


  • hi huni soz i cant really help as ive been lucky enough not to have had
    bleeding, but hopefully everything will be ok 4 u. there r lots of ladies on here who have had bleeding and been ok.let us no how ur scan goes?
    luv clare

  • I too had some watery pink blood at 4.5 weeks, had scan at 6.5 weeks, everything was fine, then had red spotting at 9.5 weeks had scan, everything was fine. You are correct in saying that it may just be one of them things. They couldnt tell why I was bleeding. Apparently bleeding is not normal in pregnancy but very common!

    good luck xx

    Kittyboo 18+3
  • try and not worry,becouse your so early in your pregnancy it could be just implantion bleed,in my last pregnancy i had a fresh bleed at 7wks and one at 13wks and also passed clots and everything turned out ok

  • Thanks ladies

    We had a scan last week and they managed to see the little sac but because i'm very early there was nothing in it. will wait until next week when i'm having 6 week scan. hopefully everything will be ok.
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