Am I feeling too well, is that normal, should I be sick?


Can anyone reassure me that I'm just making myself worry for no reason. I've just found out I'm about 7 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I have sore boobs and I'm tired, but other than that I feel really good. I'm worrying that I feel too good. I wasn't sick with my first but I felt nausceous. I know I'm probably worrying about nothing, but the few people I've told have presumed that I'll be feeling really rough.

I also keep getting twinges, not cramps or anything just little aches and pains. I honestly can't remember whether I got them last time or not, is that normal?!?



  • I'm exactly the same! I am now 14+1 and had no sickness at all, but everything is fine, so far and touch wood!

    Please don't worry!!


  • hi hun,i have never been sick in any of my pregnancies either so i wouldnt worry.I did feel sick a bit but it went if i ate something!what i did notice this time tho was that i was sooo tired until i reached about 12 weeks but then again i have a 3 1/2 yr old and 10 mth old to run around after lol! i think its normal to get some twinges in the early stages from implantation xx
  • Thank you that's reassuring, I think I'm just worrying myself for no reason, probably made worse by the fact that I don't really know my due date as I have absolutely no idea when my last period was so I'm just guessing. Do you know if they give you a dating scan to find out dates?
  • Yeah, they should give you a dating scan - have you been to the doctors/midwife?

    I went to the doctors at about 5 weeks, midwife at about 6 1/2 weeks and had a dating scan at 9+6.

    That'll reassure you to see you bub moving around - but a word of caution though, if you're not sure of how far you are, you may need an internal scan, as they couldn't bloody find anything on the normal ultrasound (such a scary few minutes!) but because I was only 9+6 and it was smaller than they usually do a dating scan they did it internally - however, you do get a much better photo!!


  • i was sick really bad from 5 weeks with Tegan so this time around when i got to 8 weeks i was worried that something was up as i felt great, anyways a week later i felt awful and had to go on meds etc so count yourself lucky as you really dont want it lol try not to worry as im sure everything is ok image xx
  • Don't worry. I'm 14+5 and have had barely any symptoms. Just dizziness and tiredness really. Count yourself lucky!
  • Hiya, I haven't read everyone elses replies so I may be repeating what others have said, BUT don't worry - it is totally normal every pregnancy/woman is different, you are just one of the lucky ones! (I know it's irritating when people say that - when you would like the reasurance of symptoms, sorry!)

    You may find that the sickness comes later, or maybe you avoid it altogether, either way enjoy feeling so well while you can!

  • you count yourself lucky that so far you havent it the blessed sickness as i suffered from hyperemis and was on meds until 23 weeks! honestly be glad! but you might get it later on so be prepared xx

    chloe 36+4
  • I had nothing! We are so lucky! Not even sore boobs for me! Am 22 wks now and baby is fine and healthy so just assume your body is coping with the pregnancy hormone really well and enjoy it! I was totally worried at the time too but I should have not bothered and relished it! You will be fine!
  • hi im sam, im 19 weeks + 4 days ive had no sickness or anythin either, i feel great! some days i even forget im pregnant lol, i was totally different when i was pregnant with my 5 year old daughter i was so ill, so dont worry hun everythin will be fine!
  • Some of us are just lucky image I've had no sickness either and im 19+2. Enjoy it hehe

  • I had a reaaly smooth start no sickness and generally felt good! that all ended when i hit 30 weeks !lol now i feel like crap most of the time ! make the most of it!lolxxx
  • Thanks so much for all of your replies, you've made me feel much better, was beginning to feel like a freak. Got first midwife appointment tomorrow so hopefully will get in for a scan soon and I can start properly counting down the weeks. Thanks. C xx
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