im new to this xx

hi me and h2b are trying for a baby,
for the past week ive felt really sick (not actually been sick) and ive had pains on and off for past few days.
im due on today but no period yet, i took a test last week and it was negative.
do you think it could have been wrong?



  • hey hun, you can get get a false negative but it is highly unlikely you will get a false positive. just to make sure i waited another week after my period was due but if you really want to know try one of those clearblue ones - i hear they are good. i only got a faint line when i was 6 weeks pregnant. good luck
  • Do a test!

  • They can be wrong, I used Clear Blue Digital 3 days before af was due and it was positive and correct so maybe if your not on by tomorrow you should try one of those ones, oh how exciting, feels like ages ago since i got mine!

    Joanna 30weeks 1day
  • thanks girls
    did any of your stomachs go really bloated?
    mine looked like id ate a horse lol
    the test i did last week was a clear blue digital but it was over 15 months old but was still in the use by date.
    if no period by weekend ill buy another one
  • Good luck with your test
  • My cycle was between 25-30 days and I tested with clearblue on day 26 and it was positive but do try and wait a few days if you can!

  • I felt really swollen, bloated and lethargic. Your more likely to get a false negative than a false positive so you could still be pregnant. Are you fairly regular?
  • yes i usually come on every 28 days to the day which is today.
    my stomach is really bloated, its horrible
  • I was too but my cycle was only 24 days. Do a test?
  • oh is working away till friday evening and dont really want to get a test with my mum.
    ill wait till friday night

    ok so today still no period. went to a gym class lastnight and couldnt do it i went all light headed and sick and i keep getting really bad pains and i cant stop weeing.


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