Milk for new borns

Hi girls

I am hoping to BF my little one but want to have some milk there just in case she wont take it from me or there are other problems.

What is the best milk for new borns i have no understanding of milk at all!!

K xx


  • I think Aptimil is a good one

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  • i used aptimil with my son and when i had the twins i expressed for 6wks then weaned them on to aptimil,they is that many different ones on the market,i hadnt a clue i only used this one as someone told me about it but it is good

  • i used aptamil with tegan as i found that it suited her better than the others and plan to use it this time when i stop bf at 6 months. but you may want to have a couple of different types in as your little girl may not like it xx
  • With Liam I tried to BF but it really hurt and the nurses suggested nipple guards but it still hurt and it got to the point where my nipples were bleeding and Liam was crying he was so hungry so the nurses took him off me and started him on Cow and Gate as thats what they used at the hospital. Of course there are quite a few milks now and in those days it was either Cow and Gate or SMA.

    I would speak to your Midwife who will be able to advise you as if you get stocked up on different milk and its not the one they start the baby on at the hospital they dont like you to chop and change milks so unless the baby isnt happy its a case of start as you mean to go on. If I were you I would stock up on milk when you know what milk agrees with her as it is so expensive.

  • I used aptamil with Neve - we never had any problems with it and it was recommended by my midwife as a good choice.
  • aptamil - thats the one my mw recommended. there is some in my cupboard ready! x
  • i used cow and gate premium with my first two and they were fine with it so i will probably use it this time aswell xx xx

  • Thanks girls,

    I guess it really is personal choice really. I wont get different ones think I will just get a small tub of which ever one I pick so that it's at home rready for when we get home in case I can't BF for any reason.

    This has helped loads ladies thank you.

    K xx
  • aptimil is the closest tpo breastmilk hun with similar lcp's and prebiotics so id say thats a good choice although up to the individual xx
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