pre-natal depression & new outlook on life.

afternoon all
just wondering if anyone else is also suffering from this as its making mine and my OH 's lives a missery.
I feel low and down all the time and cry for the silliest things. I've been refered to a Dr and i've seen her twice now and she is fab (the fact i'm talking about it is good progress aparently) shes made me realise that having a baby is a huge turning point in my life and by me feeling so down all the time will make me and Blob (my OH's pet name for baby) ill,

so i'm starting to get a new outlook on life and i urge anyone elso who thinks that the may have Pre-natal depression to talk to someone you will feel a hell of a lot better for it and you dont have to suffer alone. I'm not over it yet, it will take time but with the right helf i know me and Blob will get through this.

thanks for reading,



  • Good for you- well done for getting help fpr yourself, I am really glad to hear that things are improving. Like you say, it will be tough but it will all be worth it in the end when you get to meet your lo, and remember that this is a really good place to have a rant or a moan when it all seems too much!
  • thanks poz, i need to try to get on here a bit more
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