omg just seen tummy moving-is it possible this early???

hia ladies,some of u may already know that this is my 4th pregnancy and i have been feeling movement for a week,flutters and the odd prod.I am only 15 weeks and as i am sitting here on the computer i have been feeling real prods rythmatic ones (is that even a wrd do u know wot i mean?!!) as tho they could be baby hiccups?Far over on the right and i just lifted my top up as was feeling them strongly and omg tum was moving each time it happened!! im sure i didnt get this till around 17/18 weeks in my last pregnancy! am i loosing the plot? xxx


  • People always say you feel things earlier on if you've had a baby already so its very possible for you too be seeing tummy move too.

    I was feeling her move at 15 weeks and its only this week (now 20) that I have seen my belly move. With my other pregnancy I never seen my tummy move until about 25 weeks.

  • thanx for repling hun,yea i suppose it is possible was just a bit shocked when i looked! i know it wasnt wind and was bubba but just wasnt expecting it!hows ur pregnancy going?do u know what u r having? xxx
  • hollysmum that is so super cool!! hehe the amount they kick and wiggle on the scans even at 12 weeks its a surprise we dont feel it sooner and as it is 4th pregnancy i dont see why not. How lovely........lovely strong little legs having a wiggle!!!
  • i know im so surprised!! it all seems so real now and im starting to get excited!!i hope all goes well at my nxt scan which is in just over a week then i may be tempted to but just one little outfit!! how r u doing hun? xxx
  • Yes I found out at 17 weeks I am having another girl. I was a little disappointed at first but now I couldn't be happier. My little girl is 22 months at the moment, so there is not much of an age gap I am hoping they will get on well.

    I am also feeling much better, although suffering from a sore back most days and still having terrible headaches. I have been saying for weeks that I am going to go to the doctor, tomorrow I really am going to phone them to make an appointment,

  • omg thats early, but it nust be lovely, can't wait.


  • sorry u r suffering with ur back and headaches,iv started with a bad back aswell already! i have a scan in just over a week so hope 2 find out then what we r having.I also have 2 girls so would be nice 2 have a boy! im sure ur girls will get on well,holly was a little olderf when i had grace she was almost 3 but absolutly adores her! grace is only 10 mths so il have a very small age gap this time!! xxx
  • A boy would be nice, are you stopping at 3 or having any more.
    I am defo stopping at 2, I couldn't put myself through pregnancy again, I know that sounds awful but I get hypermesies, really bad sickness from about 7 weeks till 14 weeks. It wasnt so bad with my first little girl as it was onlt me and hubby but this time I felt terrible as I couldnt even look after my daughter so having 2 kids to look after and being ill would be a nightmare.

    I would have liked a smaller age gap but sadly when my little girl was 6 months I had a mmc and it took a while to get pregnant again, however, all is well and I am sure my little girl will be another mummy to the new baby. xx
  • i felt flutters at 15 weeks, then proper kicks from 17 weeks, which I was able to see. sometimes i have been looking at my belly (how the hours roll by!) and have seen him wriggle about but not necessarily felt it!
    yay for you! xxx
  • Hi, this is my seond prg and i felt definate movements at 14 weeks (sure i could feel little bubbles etc before) and could see my belly moving towards the end of 15 weeks but only when i was lying down as i didnt have a bump when i stood/sat. i could feel hiccups at about 15 weeks too and baby alwys seem to have them even when ive had scans he had hiccups... image

  • wow nice 2 know i wasnt imaginning it ladies!! feebie grace always had hiccups when in my tum and then for about 2 mths after id had her she had them every day!! im sure it was hiccups but wasnt sure if it was 2 early to feel and see that! xxx
  • annem sorry i didnt reply 2 u!! yes we will have to stop at 3! wouldnt be able to afford anymore!hubby has already been to the docs and enquired about the snip but was told he has to be 30??! so sorry 2 hear about ur mmc,we lost our 1st baby so i can relate.I said i wasnt gonna have anymore after holly my oldest cuz have to go thru quite a bit of worry during pregnancy and also have cervical suture at 3 mths n then removed at 36 weeks so am in and out of hospital all due to losing ds1 but here i am on baby number 3!!lol.My friend had what u have in her pregnancy and was so ill she had 2 go 2 hospital and be put on a drip cuz she couldnt even keep fluid down so i can understand u deciding to stop at 2 xxx
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