Twins anyone?

I would never ever buy a 'carrier'...if you want real comfort that will last - buy a sling!


  • Im only 5wks but i have definate little belly on me which seems to have appeared quite quickly and at times feel quite nauseous, both myself and hubbie have twins in tour families and obvoiusly the thought is in the back of my head. Im most probably bloated and carrying some xmas weight but just wondered if anyone here is expecting/had twins? x
  • im having the same thoughts!.. twins run in my family too and for some reason i have a small hunch that 'perhaps' we are having twins this time round!!.. im 4+4 xxx
    we should keep in touch... when is your first scan!?...
  • End of feb, im 4+6. can't wait to get these next few weeks out the way tho as i worry about every twinge and niggle i feel. (this is my 1st!) x
  • thanks zoey - feel so paranoid about my tummy but i know its just come from nowhere - like i said sure im just bloated! x
  • Hi, Twin run on both sides ov our family as well. With my first everyone was convinced I was having twin coz i was showing so early and the same this time round, in fact i wrote a similar post wen I was bout 6wks gone. It turns out dat i jus show early n if my lasy baby is anything to go by then I get really big too. But oh well its all worth it, I wudn't worry about twins keep us informed tho coz iv not actually met anyone on here hu is having twins yet, Kerry xxx
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