dyeing hair darker?

does anyone go darker? i have to dye my hair as im grey ish at the front and well i have roots! i havnet done it since i we were ttc,apart from those root touch u things and i didnt go all the way to roots to avoid scalp.
does anyone go darker like me? and dye when pregnant?


  • I have dyed my hair several times during pregnancy, always slightly darker than natural, had no probs so far.

    Joanna 30 weeks 6days
  • Hi i get highlights in my hair every few months and have done with all 3 pgs, i went to hairdressers and asked them first and everything went ok.
    vikki xx
  • I have had mixed reactions from hairdressers so used Daniel Fields natural hair dye get it online or from Sainsburys - I have dyed my hair for years and get greay and this works fab and you know it wont hurt you or baby. They also do a highlighter kit.

  • I have my hair dyed both darker and lighter (have choc brown with chunky blonde chunks and plum underneath) and have continued to have it done throughout pregnancy....no probs! i know that some people find that the colour can come out diff or not take during pg tho
  • hi i'm a hairdresser and the whole thing of colouring your hair when pregnant is completely down to personal preference, it's never been proved that hair dye causes any harm, the only thing to be careful of is that you could be more sensitive to some ingredients in the dye due to hormone changes so do a skin test before hand. if you are still wary of doing a colour you could match the colour in highlights to blend it through which doesn't touch the scalp. i've done loads of colours on pregnant people and am still having mine done and i've never known anyone to have any problems. x x
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