Signed off work!

I had two weeks left in work (due to finish on May 30th) but due to the two hours in the car there and back every day and the 7 hours sat in an office chair, I have been in agony by the end of the day in my pelvis and hips.
Just not being there on the weekends has shown such a marked improvement so I went to see the Doc thimsmorning and she has signed me off until May 30th so I'm not going back!


They were lovely in work when I rang to tell them and want me to try and go in on the 30th for an hour to say goodbye. I need to pick up all my stuff anyway.

It's now getting ever so close and real!

For those of you now already at home, what do you do to stop yourselves from eating everything in the cupboards??
I have already stuffed myself silly thismorning through boredom!

31+6. xx


  • I just eat everything in the cupboards! And then go shopping to fill the cupboards back up. I'm actually lucky (if thats the word lol) to be a stay at home mum any way so I spend most of the day entertaining Millie apart from lunch time when she has her nap, don't get chance to get bored.
    Kerry xx
  • I think Jeremy Kyle it is then!
    I might actually do some more baking.
    Lemon cake sounds like a good idea. At least that way I'll spend more time making it than eating it! haha....

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