Hi ladies,

I am driving myself crazy at night and need to know if anyone else has this or if my body has just given up and stopped working properly!!

EVERY time I lay on my left side, within literally a second my tummy and chest start making funny noises. Its like an indigestion thing. It happens every single time. It makes no difference what food I eat before bed or what time I eat, it happens all the time.

I obviously can't lay on my front or my back so only have my sides and now limited to just one side! Noooooooooooooo!! Is anyone else experiencing this?!

Thank you,

31 weeks xxxxxxxx


  • I too get indigestion but I've only got myself to blame cos it's usually after eating strong foods like pickled onions which I've got a liking for! Then again it can strike anytime rly, and it is always when I lie down to go to bed my stomach gurgles, I get heartburn and it's just urggh! Have you tried only drinking water after 5 and then not drinking at all after about 8/9?
    Philippa 21+4 x x x
  • Hi Amy

    I've been getting bad indigestion and only thing that helps is cold milk or gaviscon, i'm ok when i'm on my side tho but have you tried propping yourself up with pilliows at night?? i had to do that a few weeks back coz my legs were cramping up when i slept on my side and it made sleeping a lot easier!!

    Hope you're keeping well hun apart from the indigestion x x
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