weird feelings (movements i think)

Ok well i know am getting kicked like crazy in there, but sometimes my tummy feels quite full and like its moving round the front of my tummy (cant see it tho). Anyone else felt this?? Its quite frustating and uncomfy (i always moan about it cus its such a weird feeling).

Sleeping is becoming a problem now can anyone help me, it seems to be when i have this feeling like the baby is lying right on the front of my belly.

I am 24.1 weeks.

Thanks folks xx (replies gratefully received) xx


  • I am 27+ and I get that feeling too it's like a ripple effect! I don't find it really uncomfortable but I do at night when trying to sleep and lo is having a dance in my tummy.
  • i get this mostly at end of day, at night, with the sleeping thing im not sure what to suggest! maybe if u have apillow under ur bump it might be abit more comfortable, hope that helps xx

  • yeah its frustating more than anything really. I do get very low feelings also which is not good when am in work and have to get up off my chair, bought those belts from mothercare but i keep forgetting to put it on. I feel like am picking up on the slightest things but its honestly really uncomfy and frustating. A girl in my work said it could be my pelvic bone or something. Any ideas??
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