Just another rant!

I feel really upset today. Most of you have read my post this week about having a scan and finding out my baby was big and in the wrong position.

I am really angry about the midwife who had been telling me for many weeks that my baby was fully engaged. Now I am being told that he isnt engaged and another said he is 3/5, and hes back to back. From what my old midwife said I should have an easy birth. Now I am being told I might not even give birth naturally. I can't believe this wasn't picked up earlier and I wasn't told this until 3 days overdue. I'm pissed off as well cos my new midwife who is very good (and got everything right as shown on the scan) was talking about induction early, she said the bigger he gets the harder it will be but consultant booked me in for term+9 which I think is ridiculous, if they were worried they should have kept me in.

I was feeling so positive about labour but now I feel like why should I bother if it's going to be so traumatic and prob end in emergency section. :cry: I just feel so angry and lied to. Whats worse is I wont even find out what's going on until my induction date. I really want another mw appointment for reassurance and advice if nothing else but at our dr's surgery the only day you can get a MW appointment is thursday.


  • hi,
    i really feel 4 u it seems u have been messed around a bit!!!
    i have been booked in 4 a induction for 40+1 which is ok i guess but i really wanted to go into labour naturally so im feeling a lil cheated esp since every doc midwife etc i have seen have said she is an average size baby god knows what the rush is????
    try not to worry about the labour etc just try n think u will have ur baby soon xxx
  • I would call the labour ward and speak to one of the midwives there. Tell her exactly what you said on here and how very upset, anxious and annoyed you are. They are there to help! Hopefully, you will get some answers and they may ask you to come in to be examined.

    Hope it goes well for you. Love Karys xxx


  • You don't know that you won't be able to have your natural birth chick. I know it must seem like all your plans have been screwed up, I felt exactly the same when I found out that this baby was back to back. I had been all ready for the lovely natural birth that I didn't get last time and it felt like all of a sudden everything had gone wrong. Even if you have to be induced you can still have a good birth and you don't have to have an epidural straight away. It is quite rare that they have to do a c-section in such a hurry that they have to give you a general anesthetic, there is normally time to put in a spinal block, especially if they know that there could be problems as they are more likely to notice them sooner (if that makes sense?) Your lo could still turn into the right position, they often do once you are in labour, BUT that is more likely to happen if you can stay upright and mobile which you obviously wouldn't be able to do with an epidural. I'm guessing that your communitiy midwifes office will be closed over the weekend but it might be worth ringing them first thing on Tuesday and asking if they can send someone (prefrebly some one nice lol.) round to see you. You might feel better just talking things through with someone and weeing what your options are. If you don't have the number your doctors should be able to give it you.
    Try not to worry about it untill then, you can't do much over the bank holiday and the forcast is pretty good, so try and enjoy it.
    Kerry xx
  • Thank you - that really helps. I never thought birth was so important but I guess it is. I just can't stand the waiting. I'm dreading on Wed they will send me home with yet another story. What annoys me most is I have been trying everything to avoid back to back since the beginning, and assumed it wouldn't happen. I'm dreading waiting around in hospital while the induction works. I know I should be positive but I really struggling with it. I hope you get a nice 2nd birth Bedhead, apparently back to back doesn't affect a second birth as much, and you have plenty of time for him to turn image xxx
  • Have you tried sitting on a birthing ball? They help you to get the baby into the correct position to make birth 'easier' so the midwife told me.


  • hey ladies,

    Back to back isnt as bad as it sounds, would seem im prone to them!! my first and second were both back labours, i had them both naturally, jus would make the pain a lil more intense on your back rather than on the front, i had a mobile epidural for first child and did it with no pain relief at all on the second one!!

    its not as bad as some peeps make it out to be!! i promise! image
  • If its any consolation i dont even have an induction date yet wont even see anyone till 8 days over even after all the pain ive been in with slow labour for the last 5 weeks so at least they r doing something, On another direction my cousin has just had a little boy 6 weeks ago and he was 8lb 10oz and was back to back this too was her first and she did say it hurt alot him being in that position but he did turn during labour well about 30mins before she had him the midwife told her that majority of babies turn at last minute so try not to worry too much things may go how u want them to after all good luck Sophie 40+4 xx


  • Hi!!
    I'm sorry to hear your having such a bad time with your midwife and hospital!! Just wanted to hopefully reassure you a little.
    My first 2 babies were both back to back, at the time there was no suggestion that they would deliver anyway but naturally. I think most people with babies in this position have epidurals so I surprised them by refusing one with both of my babies. My son was the biggest at 8lb 4 and I was quite small at the time!!
    Good luck with whatever happens!!!! Take care
    Lydia xxx
  • hi hun maybe sum good news my babies were both back to back n BIG and all it meant 4 me was my contractions didnt feel any thing like real ones just like braxton hicks right up until the last pushing bit all i had was back ache so i took it as a positive thing im now dreading my baby coming out the right way as ive never really felt propper contractions must sound really silly but there u go xxxxx
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