Bad news

Bit gutted but not surprised that I had mc 'd today. The previous two days had a pinkish discharge and then went to the toilet this morning had severe craps and passed blood clots and have done so all day but only when on toilet (sorry to be graphic) , I phoned the consultant and they advised that I should take a pregnancy test to see if it may be ectopic, so I took it and it was one of those clear blue that had previously said pregnant baby conceived 2-3 weeks this has now gone down to 1-2 weeks this may be the HCG lowering as mc goes on, Going to gp tomorrow to see what they can do as i believe i may be ectopic, slightly scary. Last period 23 August so the conception date does not tally with the what the gp would say.


  • oh u poor thing send lots of hugs (((())))))xxxxx
  • Oh hun - I am so sorry!

    I am going through something similar and it's awful all the waiting you have to do.

    I am spotting - and they suspect ectopic or a m/c - they have said the chances of a normal pg or slim. It's very difficult.

    I have to have more bloods done and a scan. the doc might send you for a scan to check all of it is gone and nothing in the tubes.

    I feel for you hun - if you need someone to chat to - I and the others - are here.

  • Aww hunni I am so sorry to hear what you are going through, my thoughts are with you xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this! *hug* I hope you get through this alright.
  • Oh babes i'm so sorry to hear this !

    We're all here if you need to talk !

  • Ow huni im so sorry

    My thoughts are with you xxxx
  • So sorry to hear this. I hope you're looking after yourself. Take care.
  • Thank you everyone for your words of support esp, MummyWannaBe, hope your doing O.K. Its a lame experience but one to put behind me. Went to GP referred me to hospital, all good so far, was seen reasonably quickly. Gyn' doctor, seems thorough but does not know how to insert one of those thingeys to take swabs hurt really uncomfortable prodded and poked. Pushing stomach which gives me butterflys.. and then two hour wait no nurse no doctor, OH chased up nurse, twice - not interested, said she'd phoned ultrasound. I went out because my OH has a habit of being a bit too laid back. Nurse phones up again, garnered from all the whispering afterwards between the nurses that someone a long the way had messed up and told EPAU I'd gone home as far as I could hear, no apologies but sent on my with another nurse, who didn't seem particulary interested. So annoying. Anyway end result the ultrasound comes back no trace so its MC complete but ectopic in conclusive e hbcg results confirmed 21 which is well down, which i suppose ties in with clearblue positive 2-3 weeks last saturday (digi with conception time table) then 1-2 yesterday. Eventually see decent gyn'doctor at the end who tells me to keep checking pg test on weekend and next week but to treat this as a normal period and try again soon. 8 hrs with the GP - long long day. Wishing everyone best wishes for a happy and healthy pregancy, thank you for your support!
  • Im so sorry to hear your bad news hunni. You and your oh look after each other

    Suzi xxx
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