birth no 2

hi girls and bumps,

im 38+2 today. the last few weeks i am feeling really nervous about the birth of my baby. and am not sleeping very well.

any way i just turnt 18 when i had my now 6 yr old boy called harley. thing is i didnt handle the birth v well, i dont know if it had any thing to do with my age. i remember it being very scary and i even blacked out from the pain and cant remember pushing.

this time round id like to be more head strong about it and control the pain rather than it control me! but im worried i wont remember much about it again, and i really really want too.

can any one give me any tips?? be really appreciated, havent made it to any birthing classes as wen they were on near me i was in the middle of moving and things were hectic.

thanx girlys xx


  • im sure you will surprise yourself hun and that things will be very different xxx
  • Hi, I'm 38+6, with our second son and I'm a bit worried too (our first son is 21 months old). I'm hanging onto the fact that second labours are supposed to be quicker and easier as your body's been through it before xx
  • i'm totally with u on this boybump2, my first labour with my now 2 yr old son, ended in an emergancy section. I had an epidural at about 5cm dialated and they continued to top the epi up, so that when it came to time to push i didnt have a clue and couldnt feel the urge to push!! Anyway he was a big baby, and after failed vontouse and forceps i had section. I was considering for a while about having an elective section this time, but have changed my mind. I;m just gonna go in their alot more determined, and hopefully get the birth i want- without the help of an epidural!!
  • i was nt to bad with my first labour but i didnt feel in control atall so it was very scary but with no 2 i felt so much more in tune with wat my body wanted and it was far better and not so scary
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