Recent scare about plastic bottles

Hi ladies,

Just wondered what everyone thought about the recent reports in the news about the plastic in babies bottles causing all sorts of problems in later life?

I am planning to breast feed if I can, but have also bought some bottle- Phiilips Avent, which contain the harmful chemicals outlined in the news reports. Not sure if I should go out and buy some free of these chemicals!?

it seemed to be a massive news item, and then dissapear overnight, and I can't find any info on what to do??

C x


  • Personally I think that this is another scare story that has been blown out of proportion by the media. Firstly the chemical in question only leachs out of the bottles if they are cracked, badly scratched or heated to high temperatures. Secondly the same chemical is found in a wide range of products such as plastic cups, the linning in food tins and cans and a whole load of other stuff. I am no expert on bottle feeding as Millie was bf but as I understand it the current advice is to make up bottles with cooled boiled water and to discard damaged bottles anyway so I think you should be fine.
  • I think I've just found something about it on babycentre. I would try not to worry though. Unfortunatly we can not protect our children from everything. Just think if these chemicals are around now they were probebly around when you were a baby, and you ok arn't you. xxx
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