My prams here WWWhhhooo!

my pram arrived today and i love it. just had it all ou cant believe there will be a little person in it in 3 months image



  • It makes it that bit more real when you finally get your pram! Glad your happy and 3 months will fly by x
  • Aww thts great which one did you get? x
  • I remember getting my pram about two months ago, it was absolute excitement!!!!!!!! None of my friends and family could understand what was so great but to me it was just great. I wanted a specific pram and unfortunately they dont stock that specific pram here in S.A but eventually found a very kind man who owned a baby shop who arranged to bring one into the country for me. So my partner and I decided to give it a test run ....... hahaha took a week to find out how the thing actually worked. Congradulations on your new pram!
  • got mine delivered last friday ,only got two weeks left so cant wait to test drive it outside .ive got the new silver cross two in one pram in coast and its lovely cant stop looking at it ,but not long now ;\)
  • is it the silver cross sleepover, thats what i have got

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