not sure how i feel

hi had an accident yesterday ladder hit me in head, which sent me into shock which kick started my labour ,but as i am 2days off of 36 weeks the labour ward let me go for eight hours to see what would happen then decided that they would intervene and stop the labour. i know that ive not got long to wait but i had eight hrs of contractions no painkillers (not even a sodding paracetamol) they gave me 3 anti sickness jabs that did nothing made me lay still 4 the entire time on a ctg machiene made me have 4 internal exams n then no baby just go home wait 4 it to start again 4 right reasons ie babys ready to be honest i feel really cheated xxxxxx hope all the mums n tums out there r happy n healthy


  • poor you, why did they stop the labour? When I went into labour with my 1st at 35weeks, they tried to stop it, but he was having none of that and came anyway. he was fine and weighed 5lb 11oz and only spent an hour in special care for obs. It seems strange that they let you go for 8hrs before stopping it and sending you home. Ask for an explanation hun, it might make you feel better if you know the reasons. hope your head is ok too! x

  • head is hideous, think that may b why they were so keen to stop it they let me go on 4 so long as dr kept saying im sure itll stop of its own accord then shift change over n new dr was like no im not happy so we'll stop it! but like u say every extra day inside is good 4 baby. xxxx
  • Hi hun I've just come home from hospital after having a few contractions. After they'd stopped them they put me on a maternity ward and there were so many babies! I know it was far too early for baby to be born and I'm really relived they managed to stop it but it still felt a little weird, having had contractions and no baby to hold! You havent got too long to go but I know it must be so frustrating for you. Hope your head feels better soon.
  • isnt it weird u get all the pains ur in the room with the baby crib n its all official looking then u go up to ward (no babies on mine just women waiting to be induced) i swear every one of them came up to me n was like oh u have to walk around or it'll never start! i must have explained 50 times lol xxxx hope ur ok how long have u got to wait??
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