We've just a booked a week in the Lake District in July.... I'll be five months so hopefully not too big to enjoy myself and it's also not that far from my parents (as we need to drop dogs off) as I have been getting really travel sick :cry:

Looking forward to it, a week of teashops, sunshine - I hope and relaxation image

Anyone else?


  • We just had our last holiday toSpain for a while (over Easter) which was lovely! And this year we decided to try the sun holiday thing at haven... unfortunatley they gave us the 19th September-the baby is due 7th Oct so I'll be huge!!

    Luckily mum's coming too and we have friends nearby but not looking forward to the 3 hour journey!!

    Hope you have a great time on your hols xx
  • We were supposed to be going to Devon in September which is where we went for our honeymoon last September, but we have to cancel as I'll be 7 months then and it's too far to travel with me puking every 10 minutes image Plus last September it was sooooooooo hot it was like being abroad, didn't fancy that and being pregnant...
  • I really don't fancy it too much but the kids are really excited, at least it's only 3 nights!! making sure I take the baby bag though!!
  • That's a shame MrsT. I know what you mean about the hot weather though. My baby's due 5 July so I'm hoping for a pleasant June and then ... roll on summer!- I live in Devon so maternity leave over summer is going to be like one big holiday for me :\)

    okay okay - I can hear you all screaming now that I'm deluded and I'll need a holiday by the end of it! ;\) :lol:
  • Where in Devon do you live Redpod? We stayed at Yelverton, the Harrabeer Country House Hotel and had a great time sad we can't go back just yet image
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