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  • Hi Laura, maybe it's not just a pregnant thing but a laura thing....my names laura too.....and i am exactly the same, my oh is absolutely the most loving, honest person i know and if he goes out and says he'll be half an hour and he's not back on time i instantly jump to the conclusion that he's sleeping with some-one else!!
    I get myself so mad at him that when he gets back i bite his head off and the poor bloke only stopped at the shop so he could get me some lemonade as i'm drinking gallons of the stuff at the mo, what a cow i feel then!!

    These hormones make us our own worst enemy, as with the porn thing i dont mind it, my oh has dvd's and things and i find that if i'm not up to a bit of bedroom fun he'll go watch one and it kina takes the pressure off me, if you know what i mean.

    I'm sure your dh loves you dearly and wouldnt want to hurt you and he was only looking, maybe he was wondering why she had a funny shaped head, you never know!!!
    Everytime i get like this i try and find something to occupy me, i come on here and vent mostly.

    Anyway i'm rambling now just wanted you to know it's not just you, try to keep your chin up and good luck with your birth.xx


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