need advice pls

hi everyone never been on this bit of website b4 but i need some advice pls my af is due today ive got cramps and my admomen is getting more solid just wondered if any of you had these same symptoms but were pg my cycle has always been on time since i came off the pill 4 months ago so as you can imgine the wait is killing me plese give me some advice:\?

thanks xxxx


  • i had speriod signs a few days b4 it was due and my cycle varied between 25 and 28 days... At day 30 something told me to do a test so I did and it was positive.... I cant remember what my tummy felt like... I just remember being really ill, thought I was coming down with something or going to have a really bad period

    Fingers crossed for you
    Lisa x x x
  • I kind of knew i was pregnant. My period was due on the Monday (regular as clockwork) and the saturday before i started retching for no reason, terrible headache and awful taste in my mouth. Tested on the tuesday and was positive. I didnt get cramp until about 6 weeks pg but everyones pregnancy is different.

    Good luck
  • Hope u get a +ve result, my tummy swells and goes solid in the first few weeks and doesn't really go down til iv had the baby if im honest. ha ha ha. However the only sure way to know is to do a test wen ur a couple of days late to let them hormones build up n give u a +ve on that test. Gud luck k X
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