Confused.......(also on Twins)


I am currently 36+3 weeks and now fairly fed up with the non continuityof care that we get where I live here in Ireland.

I had an emergency section with my dd 2 years ago and have been told different things re the birth from four different consultants that I have seen at last five appointments (26 weeks, 30, 32, 34, 36)!!

At 26 weeks the lady doctor I had said if all continues to go well then I will have elective section at 37/38 weeks. Gave me no choice because I had previous section and twin 2 was breech.

Male Doctor at 30 weeks said I could try for natural if I wanted but twin 2 was still breech

Different male doctor at 32 weeks said again I could try for natural birth but he would recommend section due to fear of scar rupturing unless a) I really wanted natural birth or b) I planned on large family - Twin 2 still breech. And I should decide definately what I wanted before next appointment.

All along I had elective section planned for between 5 and 12th Januray (37/38 weeks) due to the risks of V twin BAC and the fact that twin 2 was breech and this is what my husband I finally decided on.

At 34 weeks twin 2 decided to turn (has to be a boy!!) and now both are head down - all ready for natural birth!!

Go back for 36 week appointment yesterday and the original lady doctor that I had at 26 weeks starts going on about examining me at 37 weeks to see if I was favourable for induction and was full on for natural birth until I said but have been recommended section. She said see how you go next week and if not we wiil book you in for section on 14th!!!!!!!!!!! - 38+2 days. I so thought would get a date for next week yeaterday............

She did not even check babies heartbeats!

Can you believe it ?

Of course I would love a natural birth but think secton is safer for me and twins but I know the recovery would be better for me after a natural - especially with a two year old and twins to care for - but then I could end up needing an emergency section again and also I am so not prepared for a natural birth - I am so confused - and what if they decide to come before next appointment on Tuesday ???

Sorry for long post.


  • Hiya hun,
    Where abouts in Ireland are you? (Im north county Dublin)
    If I were you i would call the hospital and ask to see a consultant straight away and tell them that you want a section and you were told it would be performed between the 5th and 12th jan and thats what you want to stick to.
    I know the care over here isn;t fantastic but I would deffo get in touch with your hospital as soon as you can after new year and demand to get seen, if that fails ask to see the patient laison officer and they will help you, Good luck xxx

    Oh and if you go into labour before them just call your hospital and tell them you are ment to be having a c section because of pervious one and that you have gone into labour and are on your way in, that'll give them tome to get ready and prepared but stay strong, its what you want and whats best for you so don't let them talk you out of it. Best of luck xxx
  • Thanks ladies for your replies. I am in the Midlands HM. Just posted another post re section date given!!!!!
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