Braxton Hicks or just tummy ache?!?

I get what feels like a tummy ache usually in the evening/night and early morning and lasts for a while each time. I also am getting an ache in my lower back?! I'm just not convinced its Braxton Hicks, not that i've got anything to compare them too. What do you ladies think? Also, sorry in advance if tmi, but have been getting a bit of diarrhoea which could be system "emptying" in readiness or stomach upset!!
Sarah xx


  • Hi sarah I have been having a few pains too and spoke to the midwife who confirmed that they are bh - and that they can hurt some more than others. She advised leaning on a the kitchen work top and rocking back and forward. Have been doing this and it does help. Also said thats its best to keep moving through them not to curl up and fight against them. Hopefully it won't be long for either of us! Tammi xxx
    37.4 wks
  • Thanks girls! Am definately ready for LO to arrive now!!
    Sarah xx
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