My baby is breech

Hi all,
I've just got back from my 34 week appointment with the midwife and i'm really depressed cos the baby is breech. I was thinking everything was going so well, baby has been head down for ages, everyone says i am really big so i've been thinking he will be engaged soon and ready to rock. Instead they told me he had turned. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to see where he is then and they will try and turn him otherwise i might have to have a caesarean. I really don't want that and would be really upset if that was the case. I feel a bit useless, generally at the moment anyway and this is the last straw, i think these last weeks are horrible, feel like a fat, useless lump that is not much fun to be around! Sorry for whinging, i know its not the end of the world or anything, just needed a moan :roll: Anyone got any tips how to turn a breech baby??


  • Hi - he has loads of time to turn! So I would try not to worry. Breech babies can turn right up until you go into labour, and they often do. Walking a lot, being on all fours, and bouncing on a birthing ball is all supposed to help them get into a good birth position. 34 weeks is quite early to be engaged, I was down when I had my appointment and wasn't engaged, but he engaged at 36 weeks which is average for a first baby. It doesn't mean you'll be early anyway, I'm still here!

    I doubt you'll end up having a c-section but if you do then I would try not to worry or feel guilty, just look on the plus side at least you won't end up with a massive tear down there or go overdue!! xxx

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