Question about heartbeat!

I'm 16 weeks and i've got midwife appointment on friday but i'm terrified that she won't hear a heartbeat! My 12 week scan was fine so how likely is it that it could of stopped growing or worse in 4 weeks? I'm only concerned as last pregnancy was a molar one and i'm now terrified that something will be wrong this time!


  • Try not to worry Hun! Once past the 12 week scan the risk of anything going wrong is greatly reduced. Explain your fears to your midwife, I'm sure she can reassure. My best friend had a miscarriage due to a molar pregnancy last year and it was before the 12 week scan. I was 8 and half months pregnant at the time and I've never felt so useless in my life. She needed her best friend but not someone heavily pregnant to talk to. Let us know how you get on.
    All the best, Denise xx
  • As Denise says, your risk of m/c after 12 weeks is very much reduced. It's normal to be worried though, especially after having problems (I've had 2 mmc's in total) and so reassuring afterwards. Every time I used to go for a scan/check up I would start imagining the worse - very soon you'll start feeling your lo dive bombing you from the inside and that is the best reassurance!

    Good luck for Friday - come back and tell us all how lovely it was to hear your lo's heartbeat!

  • try not to worry about it, im sure everything will be ok. let us know how you get on xxxx

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