Swollen ankles!!

Oooh my ankles have really swollen up today. What I can I do to remedy this? My stupid desk at work doesn't allow me to put my feet up on anything as I have long legs and the desk has a back to it so I can't stretch my legs out!! Help!

Serena xxxx



  • Same prob her Serena, just make sure that you put your feet up once you are home and relax. As long as the swelling goes down everynight my mw says its nothing to worry about. My hands have also starting to swell so I have had to remove my rings now! Tammi xxx
    34.5 wks
  • Oh the joys of pregnancy, hey Tammi!! Thanks for the advice. I will put my feet up and do nothing when I get home tonight! Hopefully the swelling will go down! xxxx
  • oooo owch. lucky anoth i've only put weight on up to now, touch wood. this idea sounds daft put mite work. instead of trying to put ur feet up in frount of u, try putting them up underneave ur chair. ramdom idea good luck image
  • The only thing that can really help swollen feet and ankles is putting ur feet up so the fluid can travel back down away from them. I found during my last pregnancy wen my feet got really bad that sticking them in a bowl of cold water really helped. It didn't really bring down the swelling but it felt great like a big pressure had been released. Kerry xxx

  • Oh that sounds lovely Kerry. I think I'll give that a go when I get home! xxxx
  • Yeah definately do, be warned tho the cold water can be a bit of a shock to the system at first, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Ha ha, warning noted! xxx
  • If you can I found keeping a spray bottle full of cool water nearby is a fab fast reliever. Just spray on your legs and feet and it instantly cools them down and helps with swelling. Was ideal when I was working as kept bottle under my till!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi all
    Have the same prob too!!! I now have "cankles" - very unnattractive! It has helped to lay on bed with a couple of pillows under my feet/calves straight after work & when i go to sleep!
    I've also been wearing flip-flops for a few weeks! Mothercare (and i assume Boots etc) do a cooling spray for feet - i've got something similar which kinda helps!
    Sarah xx
  • yeah i have a cooling spray from boots it has mint and witch hazel in it
    i asume that is ok for pregnancy???? anyone know??????

    it is lovely also spray cold water on your feet and put them in front of a fan - bliss!!!!!

  • Laura - I hope its ok coz thats the one i've got!! Don't think there's a prob with it!? Got Magicool as well which i take to work with me!!
  • The bowl of water was soooo lovely last night. I was tempted to bring a bowl into work today to keep my feet in under my desk!! The spray bottle sounds like the next best thing though. Will definitely do that! Thanks xxxx


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