Hi girls i am TTC and on my 2ww, I was wondering if some of you wold mind telling me the signs you got on your 2ww image

Thank you

Ka xx


  • Hi hun firstly wishing you all the best for this month on ur 2ww!! Hope you get ur BFP!!

    Top ones I can think of are, bleeding gums, still feeling 'wet' down there after ovulatuion and leading up to period due date, metalic taste in mouth and feeling extreamly tired (more so than usual). These were the signs I had b4 my period was due and b4 BFP. It was a good few weeks b4 I got sore boobs and started feeling sick. Wishing you all the best hun!! Sarah 34+2 x x x
  • Thank you sweetie image I have only had sore nipples and like little pains in my boobs. Has a few lower back pains as well but they have gone now. And for the last two nights waking up at like 2am being wide again last night bursting to P!!

    Thanks again image

    K xxx
  • Oh yeah 4got the constant need to go to the loo! Still gotthat now, how could I forget!! lol! Also felt like shit for a few days after ov and had tummy pains for a few days. At the time I thought it was just an upset stomach.
  • sarah u didnt tell me you had tummy pains after, like an upset tummy!!! i had that!!! feel better now by the way xxx
  • I thought I'd find you on here again!! Ur addicted already!! lol!! Well done to Iz for her poo in the potty, you must be so proud hun!! x x x
  • lol i know im so naughty been on all day!!! woops gets a bit addictive!! lol i am very proud of my baby or not so baby!!! image u gonna keep those doubnuts 4 tommorow tea!!?? xxx
  • check my doughnuts spelling!!! could it b baby brain!!?? lol
  • Bump - for anybody else who wants to share the 2ww signs they had?

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