Update:- Should I be worried about brown blood during pg

Well this morning, the brown spotting I had yesterday turned into some reddish blood and it had increased a little bit more from yesterday (only when I tested inside so it isn't flowing at the moment sorry tmi).
It looks like I may have mc after 5 weeks.

I was so upset but I guess when I have my scan on Thursday, I should get some follow up since it is my 2nd mc, and I am 36.

I'm truly gutted. There is no point having any hope whatsoever now.


  • I don't think this is necessarily the case. My spotting has been on and off with it showing in my underwear. Some has been red and some brown. I have also had cramps, quite painful at times. My doc said mc more likely but not def, he said 1 in 3 chance but goes down after 6 weeks. Is there lots of blood?

    Have you done another PG test? This is what I was advised to do by doc-am six weeks now.

    How long till your scan hun? Don't give up yet, some people have bleed throughout 1st trimester.

    Fingers crossed for you X
  • Sorry just saw in post you have scan Thurs-am going stir crazy with morning sickness today X
  • Oh Sevens I am so sorry if this turns out to be the case, but you need to wait until Thursday for the answer although some ladies on here have written this before and have to go for several scans and hormone tests so early on to see whats happening. It seems all are different who write on here and some do have happy endings and the babies are still well.

    I really hope its just mother nature playing a trick on you x

    I know thats a long wait, but hang in there keep positive until your told whats what, easier said than done I know x
  • Thanks Sophy. It isn't a lot, ie its not flowing, but it has increased a little from yesterday. It was only when I tested inside that I noticed it, so I haven't wiped any yet.

    Although first thing it was more red, when I checked again, it was dark brown. So maybe there is still hope particularly as if there is a 2 in 3 chance I will be okay. I guess I just need to rest this week, but I have read that once it has started there isn't anything you can do about it
  • I so know how you are feeling-every day I get spotting I think its all over but you just have to think positive until you know for definite. There isn't anything you can do about it except what you are doing, keeping in touch with doc and having a scan. I have docs on Mon and will be 7 weeks then so will request a scan. let us know how you get on on Thurs X
  • Hope everything works out sevans, gud luck with ur scan on thurs but if uve had no pain and the blood is not flowing then there is still some real hope for u. Big hugs anyway and best of luck. Kerry xxx

  • I really hope its all ok for you. I have never had a mc but from what i have heard from those who have there is usually a lot of blood and cramping pains. The fact that it is not yet on underwear and mainly brown is a really good sign.

    Also in case you dont know there is something called an implantation bleed which is usually red blood and can last a good few days and can be reasonably heavy. The doctor told me this can occur between 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and i know my mum for one had it one time at 4 weeks and another at 6 and thought it was her period, but had 2 healthy babies.

    I know you cant know for sure until thursday but i really think it might be ok and hope it is for you. xxx
  • Hi i had some brown spotting early in my pregnancy and my midwife said it was fine as brown blood is old blood.
    I had to have an Anti-D injection as a precaution as I am a Rhesus-Negative blood group. If your a negative group just let them know but im sure everything will be fine, pregnancy can be a very scary time someimes!
    Let us know how you got on and Good Luck
    Gill xxxx
  • Thanks ladies, I really really appreciate your support. Good luck with your scan on Monday Sophy. I think if you say you've had spotting, they should let you have one. As soon as I told my midwife - she said that no brown blood is fine, and that she would book me in for one. Apparantly they should be able to tell what's there at 5 weeks. From reading other posts, I must be really lucky to have a scan this early.

    I don't think it is implantation as I had some brown blood from cd22-cd28 which I thought was implantation bleeding. Unless it is still clearing all the old stuff out.

    The day has got slightly better, as I really thought I was gonna come on heavy as I had cramps this morning. But the blood has remained dark brown all day and is still light, bits of spotting on pants.

    Gill - I got my blood checked out before and I am positive so this should be okay.

    thanks again for all your support. I will keep you updated on how I get on. Really hope it is good news but I think I am gonna prepare for the worst just in case and not let myself build up hopes.
  • Hi Sevans,

    This sounds exactly like what happened to me recently. I had spotting that was more pink than anything, but one day it was more like period colour & I was getting some cramps. It was only like that for one day but it was enough to get myself booked in for an early scan. The wait was dreadful & in the meantime the blood turned more brownish. When I went for my scan at 8+1, everything was fine. Everyone I have spoken to have said that this is so common but you can't help thinking the worst.

    Try to remain positive & I'm sure everything will be fine.

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