just some advice!! memory is going.........

hiya im a student nurse and i have 2 assignments to write and a bio exam all due on april 14th! im finding it really hard to concentrate! especially with the assignemnts, one is 3000 words the other is 2500 i think lol, i just cant seem to know what to write, and i seem to write like a child lol!!!!! is anyone finding it hard to concentrate and remember??? lol and last night me and hubby were chatting and i jsut forgot what i was saying mid sentance lol thanks for listening to my rant lol xxxx


  • This is a medical condition and is called "pregnancy brain" lol. For 9 months the grey matter in your skull turns to complete mush making remembering the slightest thing difficult. Other symptoms are - your mouth saying things that bear no relation to what is going on in your head, conversation being difficult and concentrating on anything longer than a childs cartoon can be a problem! This can all be confirmed by picking up a Nintendo DS, doing a brain training test and being told that your brain has gone from age 30 to age 80!!!!

    Yes, I truly am loving being pregnant!!!!
  • older mum: im not even gunna try my brain age anymore lol its not fair!! i bet i fail assignmnets, the thing is im beginning to not care!! xx
  • Yet another symptom of pregnancy brain lol!

    You get to the point when you are stood somewhere for 10 mins before you finally give up trying to work out why the hell you are there and YOU DONT CARE!!!!

    Am sure you wont fail hon - just do it in small 10 min stages before the mush starts lol!!!!
  • lol last nite was really bad, i just went mid sentence, hubby prob thinks im losing it, it makes u feeel like ur 80 yrs old!! x
  • I can't function, my spelling is terrible as i keep forgetting how to spell, i keep going shopping and forgetting stuff, even if i have got a list, and i wonder to the kitchen and forget what I went out for, the only things I do remember is to pee and sleep!
  • hehe its not just me then.So many times i've been in the middle of a really deep conversation n then i say "wot woz i saying?" n completely 4get wot i was even on bout!or go upstairs 2 do sumat n by the time i get 2 the top of stairs i 4get wot was gonna do n remember wen i've gone back dwn!!lol good exercise anyway!!
  • it's even worse if I'm talking to my mum, she has a terrible memory, she says us kids melted it, i'm starting to believe her!
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