Child Care - so confused !

I'm hoping to return to work on a part time basis working 3 days a week, with hubby working shifts and me part time it would mean that we wouldnt always need child care on the same days/hours each week as hubby is on a 6 on 4 off rota so would be some weeks where we need lots of child care and some weeks we need none.

Anyone else have a child care situation like this and can recommend what the best type of child care would be ?


  • hiya im a nursery nurse in a private day nursery and most nurseries i know of expect parents to pay even if the child isnt there. usually in nurseries parents need to commit to the days they want the child care for so staff ratios can be arranged. childminders are usually more flexible, but i would ring round nurseries and childminders and see what they can offer you
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  • Have you thought about getting a nanny? They are a bit more expensive than a nursery or childminder, but are a lot more flexible, and the care they give is lovely.

    Obviously it might be a bit tricky to find someone who is happy to fit round your work schedules - but I am sure there will be smebody suitable out there.

    Good luck with it!
  • Ooh - I meant to say that nannies can register to accept childcare vouchers, so may not be as pricey afterall. image
  • hi hun,

    i'm in a similar position as my hubby is a chef so generally gets weekdays off, so he's going to have the baby on two of my three days in work. I think I'm going to commit to one day a week with a nursery, as I think my problem will be needing them more then not, and i'm hoping that some weeks I can put the baby in for 2 or 3 days if necessary with only a bit of notice.

    I think in your situation you might find a childminder or nanny better.
  • Hi
    I am in a tricky similar situation to you. I work a 5 week shift system and my husband works mon-fri. We have already written to 4 nurseries in our area and all childminders to ask for care when I will be working day shifts but unfortunately all of them have come back and said no. The nurseries want us to pay and commit to at least a day a week even if we dont use it and at ??40 a day thats alot of money to waste if its not used! I have put it to the back of my mind at the moment and will have to look at it again when my baby arrives but unfortunately I cant offer you much advice except dont get stressed over the issue as Im sure a resolution will be found.
    Take care
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  • The nursery I worked at would charge to hold a place every week if you used it or not.

    I have been both a nursery nurse and a nanny and the home environment with the same person every day is far more beneficial to the child. The nursery I worked in had a high turnover of staff with young girls who decided that working with children will be just playing with cute babies every day. They soon realised that it was hard work and left. There were some fantastic nursery nurses but they had to work their socks off and often got moved around to cover sick days etc meaning there wasn't a constant presence for the children!

    I would recommend to everyone to go for a nanny over a nursery every day of the week and twice on Sundays but nursery fee's will range from ??25-??35 a day and a nanny based on 9-5 would be closer to ??70. Obviously a nanny becomes better value with 2 or more children but with one its a pretty uneconomical way of doing it.

    A childminder may be better for you and a lot cheaper than a nanny but you will need to find one that it willing to take your LO without guaranteed days/income.

    You should ask your employer if they do childcare vouchers, they pay you a % of your wages in childcare vouchers and you don't pay tax on them so you save some money, not all employers offer them though.

    There are lots of government and local council websites that have a list of registered childminders in your area and how many children of what age they take etc. If you consider having a nanny you can either advertise yourself or you can go through an agency that will charge you but do all the security checks etc for you and sort out tax and NI etc.

    If you need any help with anything let me know and I will help as much as I can.

    P.S. Sorry if I sound like a know it all, its nice to have a subject on here I know something about lol!
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