I have just been to the toilet and have some blood in my underwear! It's not red but more like a browny/orange colour, strange! I dont know what to do! I am 7+3 today and do also have a little bit of pain in my lower tummy but nothing excrutiating! What do I do???? x


  • Just call your doctor for ease of mind? have you had any since? dont panic yet, it seems so common, if pains get worse and you havent spoken to doctor just pop to the hospital, remember that is their job xx

    Good luck and thinking of you, let us know how you get on xxx

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  • Call your doctor hun just for peace of mind - sounds like old blood though so shouldnt be anything. Fresh red blood is usually a bad sign - this could just be the baby getting settles and well implanted. But call you GP they will be able to put your mind at rest

    good luck hun let us know how it goes


  • Yeha I dont really want to contact anyone yet as it isn't much and don't want to seem like im being over paranoid!! Theres nothing there when I wipe just on my underwear. x
  • Take it easy and put your feet up for a few days then hun - maybe take a day or 2 off work if you can? Im sure everything is fine its normal to have cramps in early pregnancy - IIve only just stopped getting them recently and im just over 16 weeks


  • I had some brown blood in my underwear earlier on in my pregnancy. Not much but it panics you. I worked out that I would have been on AF when I had it (towards the end of AF rather than the beginning).

    Could this be the case with you?

    14+6 x
  • No i was thinking about this and I had quite long cycles so dont think its that? x
  • Sweetie,
    Hope you ok, Have seen a few posts from women who have had slight bleed before and they have said its all been okay. fingers crossed for you. xx
  • hi sweetie
    i just wanted to say your not alone, i had a tiny bit of pink blood today and yesterday, i phoned my doc and asked for an early scan which im having on fri and by then i will be 7+2. im worried as i had a mc in sept...iv heard quite a few people get bleeding but as yours in brownish sounds like its old blood which should be nothing to worry about.

    ashy 7 weeks
  • Thanks. I have an early scan on Friday so will see how everything is going then. x
  • Hi Sweetie

    I had the same at 7 weeks and 11 weeks and again at 13 weeks. I was able to go to EPU the next day and everything was fine x x x

    Hope you are feeling better soon and try not to worry

    K x x
  • i hope all is ok hun, take care. xx
  • Hope you are feeling better today Sweetie and the bleeding was an isolated incident. I had the same at 6+4 and my scan the next day was fine, good luck for yours tomorrow.

    Bec 26+6 x
  • Have had more today, nothing heavy just spotting but it is more of a reddish colour today rather than brown. Im worrying myself silly but I know that if i ring doctors they will just tell me to wait for my scan 2mra. x
  • why dont you just ring sweetie, its not gonna hurt just chatting with someone and maybe they may have a slot for scanning this afternoon! Dont worry about hassling anyone thats what they are there for! xx
  • Well I have spoken to someone at the EPU and they said just to sit tight and rest until my scan in the morning unless bleeding gets really heavy or I am in a lot of pain. Thanks for all your help ladies. x
  • hope everything goes well for you tomorrow xx
  • good luck tomorrow hun i will be thinking of you. xxxxxxxxx big hugs xxx
  • Good luck with your scan tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Try not to worry yourself too much, there are many reasons for bleeding in PG and it's a very good sign that you're not in pain. Just rest as much as you can before tomorrow.

    Amy. x
  • Everything crossed for you today.xxxx
  • Good Luck Sweetie xxx
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