I'm giving in to Castor Oil!!

After takin castor oil with my 1st LO I vowed never to touch the stuff again..........................

However.....................I'm now 40+3 and this LO is showing no signs of wanting to make an appearence. After an induction with my 1st LO I desperatly wanna avoid another one with this one, which will be either Fri 24th or Mon 27th if labour hasn't started. So I'm giving in and gonna take some castor oil.

Whats the best way to take it? I just took 4 tablespoons with my 1st LO and it was disgusting!! Didn't induce labour just caused several trips to toilet :roll:

Have heard that mixing it with banana, orange juice, sugar etc makes it go down a lot nicer and wondered if you ladies had any suggestions?






  • Wow, you're brave!!!

    Don't think I will be trying it myself but then again, it's my first so have no idea about scary inductions!

    Someone said to me that a friend had told them to mix it with orange juice...don't think she tried it though as she went into labour naturally.

    Let us know how it goes (though not too much detail please :lolimage
  • DON'T DO IT !!!!
    Spoke to MW's about this only yesterday and they said it only works in a tiny minority and thats only because it gives you such bad diarrhoea and stomach irritation. NOT worth it (in my opinionimage
  • Hi Garfield

    I drank half a bottle last time (straight) won't be doing it again as i just had stomach cramps and a bit of a bad tummy that kept me up all night - No labour either. I did it in desperation to avoid an induction but ended up being induced anyway.

    You can refuse the induction and opt for monitoring everyday which is what I will be doing this time up until at least 42 weeks and then I will insist on a scan to check placental blood flow before deciding whether to agree to induction. I am very anti induction for myself since my experience last time.
  • Hi Bec and Emi

    Have you got MSN? Would love to chat to you about this. I too agree with everything you said.

  • i gave in and drank half a bottle of castor oil with oranje juice and soda water. I've drank worse but it didn't do any good and still ended up being induced. Didn't even bring on diaorreah (sp?) Infact was constipated until 7 days after lo's birth.
    I tried everything to avoid induction, 2 sessions reflexology, castor oil, sex, pineapple, hot curry. Was still induced.
    Hate to say it but the baby will come when it's ready no matter how frustrating it is.
    Good luck. Suz xx
  • Hi garfield

    Sorry i don't. I can try and work out how to let you access my email on here - If you can tell me it might be quicker.
  • Done it. you are more than welcome to email me, I check them a lot but LO is teething at the mo so may be a bit slow
  • Hi, my friend drunk a whole bottle of castor oil and really thought she was going into labour, she went all the way to hosp (40 mins away) and it turned out to be trapped wind, lol. She did eventually go into labour the next day though. Personally I wouldnt do it but each to there own. Good luck hun, i hope things get moving for you soon.

    Keep us updated xx
  • Can't seem to email you? Must be something I'm doing wrong! How do i do it?

  • dont do it! I heard a horror story where a woman took it and it sent her wham bang into labour but also gave her terrible runs and she pooed all over dr's. midwives, bed, oh and baby!
  • Hi garfield

    Just below this post it should say profile, report to moderator and email. if you click on email it should enable you to send an email to me (I haven't tried it myself but believe that's how it works)

    if anyone knows different please say.
  • what about acupunture? I have heard that this works?


  • Hi Garfield

    Just in case you can't contact me can I suggest you got to the Association for Improvements in Midwifery Services website (www.aims.org.uk). They have a helpline number give them a call and discuss your worries and they will go through your options and rights with you
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