Can you help?


I want to try and work from home once I have had bubby but i'm getting really confused as to which home working opportunities are ligitimate and which aren't.

Does anyone know? I don't want to work for Avon or Ann Summers. It's really hard to tell as they have these flashy websites and I'm quite sceptical

Any advice would really be appreciated.

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  • Thankx Lara I will have a look into them, it's so complicated image
  • Just remembered I'd seen an ad in our local free 'families' magazine. Here are the addresses in there - haven't checked them out mind but probably worth a look:
    NuSkin Enterprises , phone Terry Loon 07900 955 744 or email [email protected] (says flexible working as well, don't know if it's any good?)

    Good luck hon!x
  • Hey Lara

    I was on one website called which looked interesting but I couldn't work out if it was legitimate, it was a sponsored site on google, so I am assuming from that it should be ok the only thing is they ask for a ??33 admin fee, I am a little uncomfortable about that but when I went on Usbourne books they ask for a ??38 start up fee to so do you think it's the norm? Home-earner didn't ask for your bank details so I wasn't too wary.

    Could you have a look at the site and tell me what you think? I might be looking at it through rose tinted specs.

  • Thanks Karen I will have a look now image

  • Have you thought about childminding in the future? chelle
  • Hi Lara,

    That has helped thank you image

    It's so hard working out what is best to do in order to make enough money to stay at home. Luckily mu hubby has just been offered a job with Ferrari so hopefully he will pocket a bit more but it won't be for a while yet :S

    I will keep my ears and eyes open image

  • dont do home-earner or anything that wants u to pay a set up fee first. i fell for it!! also steer clear of "data entry" its lies all lies!! im looking for something to do from home too but its hard there are so many scams! xxx
  • Hi Rhiannon,

    Thank you for that image I had my suspicions but wanted them confirmed.

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