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when did you tell people...

that you were pregnant,i think id rather wait till after the first scan but my OH is desperate to tell ppl. So when did you all tell?

Jstar x


  • the same day i found out that i was pregnant!!!! LOL it's a case of whenever ye both feel comfortable telling people. let uis know what and when u decided.

  • We decided not to tell people till we'd had the scan but ended up telling close family last week when I got admitted to hospital. Thought they may question what was going on-especially my mum! Luckily all was ok, but we haven't told anyone else and think we'll prob wait now till the scan as it's only 3wks away!!

    But I think it's down to personal opinion really if you want to tell people or not. There's no right or wrong. It's so lovely that he can't wait to tell!
  • we told people just after we found out, as if anything happened id want them people to be there for me. But it is a personal choice and only u can decide when u feel the time is right.

    Good Luck

    Jennie 31+6 xx
  • We told family and close friend right away an then I told work and everybody else after the 12 weeks scan.

    K xx
  • thanks ladies. Think ill wait a week or two to tell family. I have my own dance school and really dont want any students knowing till after my scan,just scared word will get about once i tell family!

    Jstar xxx
  • i told just a couple of very close friends and my mum and of course hubby at 1st but now im over 12 weeks iv just st

    arted telling others althought a few had already guessed!!
  • We told immediate family, our closest friends and I told my manager straight away - mainly because I had mc last year so they knew we were ttc and would just have guessed anyway.

    We've got 12 week scan on Tues so we will announce it properly after that. I can't wait!

  • i have told my boss and few others from work as feeling very emotional,sick and grumpy!

    we are telling my son this weekend,hes 10,im dreading it!

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